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Professional Photo studio


Our creative studio space in East London is perfectly placed and designed to bring any photography project to life. It features a large shooting area and a separate changing / make-up room, high ceilings with rails system for the lights, and a variety of backgrounds, modifiers and props.

The equipment list includes:

  • Bowens flashes x 7
  • Main rail ceiling system + C-stands and lights stands
  • Large Octabox
  • Stripboxes x 4
  • Square softbox x 1
  • Beautydishes x 2 (large/white and small/silver)
  • Fresnel lens
  • Optical snoot
  • Parabolic umbrella
  • Translucent scrim
  • Black/white panels
  • Different backgrounds and accessories (reflectors, barn doors, honeycomb grids, gels etc)
  • Radio triggers

We are very close to a major interchange station at Stratford, offering easy access to trains, Tube, DLR and buses transportation options.

Free wireless WiFi during the shoots.